Measles information


BGCMC Parents

You may have heard about the measles outbreak happening in the US over the past few months, most recent being a case reported in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since the disease is spread quickly and easily, we are bringing awareness to our Club families to ensure the safety of our staff and members. 

Quick Facts About Measles

· Measles is highly contagious

· Early measles symptoms look like flu symptoms 

· Measles can lead to severe complications

· There is no treatment for measles 

· The measles vaccine is highly effective

Marshall County Health Department

The Marshall County Health Department is available to answer questions at (574) 935-8565. They will help anyone who needs assistance with health-related issues. You can also find more information on the Health Department page on the county website using the following address:

 We thank you for your cooperation in helping us maintain a safe and secure facility for your children!  

New Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Fitzpatrick

          Andrew was born in St. Paul, Minnesota as the second child of three boys. Andrew has grandparents that are decedents from Ireland, and his father grew up in Manchester England. His mother is from Southwest Missouri. Andrew grew up in Rochester, Minnesota during his early childhood years and later graduated high school in Southwest Missouri. Andrew attended Missouri State University where he received his B.S. in Criminal Justice, while simultaneously working as a Teen Director for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield, MO. Andrew worked in the most challenging social economic area of Springfield, MO and his job required special attention to gang prevention, assisting with domestic violence situations, and working in the area of drug prevention and trafficking. 

        In February of 2003, Andrew made his fist big career move with the Boys & Girls Club movement when he transferred to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City. There he served as the Director of Teen Services for one year. Andrew chose Kansas City for his passion to help more teens become successful adults. While in Kansas City, he was persistent in convincing the Vice President of Operations and the President of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City to build the new Club on the East Side. Andrew had a passion for this community and wanted to help this community in despair – one that was full of gang violence, drugs, and prostitution. He knew he could make a difference and wanted to see it through.

         In 2004, he was awarded the position of East Side Unit Director. In this role, Andrew assisted the local Gang Task Force, worked with COMBAT (Community Backed Anti-Drug Tax) for Eastern Jackson County Missouri, was Co-Chair of Intergenerational Think Tank of Greater K.C., and was a committee member of the Kansas City Joint Youth Commission to oversee Office of Juvenile Justice Detention and Prevention grants for Greater Kansas City. He created a TEAM on the East Side of Kansas City that took special people willing to risk their lives to help when help was long over do. Andrew acknowledged, “It was major challenge to employ people in this area of Kansas City during 2003 to 2007, but our TEAM was proud to be there and make a difference.” While in Kansas City, Andrew was a proud recipient of four major awards – 2003 awarded the Mission and Vision award for Greater Kansas City, 2004 awarded the Creative and Innovative Staff of the Year, and 2005 awarded the Leading Light Award for Greater Kansas City. Andrew stated, “The award I am most proud of is the Keystone Advisor of the Year Award for the Midwest region. I received this award because teens from Springfield Missouri, St. Louis Missouri, and Kansas City Missouri got together and nominated me for this award in 2005 at a Keystone Conference in St. Louis. It was a total surprise and all those teens, now adults, are most dear to my heart.”  (Keystone is a prestigious leadership program for teens throughout the Boys & Girls Clubs of America movement.) (BGCA) 

        In 2006, Andrew returned to Springfield, MO as the Henderson Unit Director. His first assignment was to close down the oldest traditional Club on Booneville Avenue and open the new Henderson Unit at Grant Beach Park. As a Club Alum, the unit on Booneville Avenue is where Andrew attended as a child and made his first basket in a basketball game at the age of eight. During this stay in Springfield, Andrew served as a Springfield Sertoma Member, as a Kiwanis Member, and also served on the United Way Speakers Bureau. This area is also dear to his heart as his daughter is currently the Program Director for the Henderson Unit for Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield. She is also a graduate of Missouri State with a B.S. in Art Culture/History.

        At the beginning of 2010, Andrew furthered his career as the Vice President of Operations for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Arlington, Texas. Shortly after arriving, he signed up for and completed Leadership Arlington. Within three months, he met Dr. Alex del Carmen and Dr. John Rodriguez at the University of Texas at Arlington. They asked him to help set up a gang survey they wanted to conduct with some members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Arlington. Dr. del Carmen was a large influence on his life and was further inspired to enroll at UTA to pursue his Master’s Degree of Art in Criminal Justice. While in Arlington, Andrew met his wife Miriam in Dallas. She is also a graduate from the University of Texas with a B.S. in Nursing. 

        In Arlington Texas, Andrew was able to help lead the re-structuring of staffing to align with BGCA, strategic planning, enhance HR processes, re-write policies and procedures, and enhance technology throughout the organization.  He also improved his skills in board development and stewardship while making facility and vehicle upgrades to deepen the impact at the Clubs.  Andrew also collaborated with a local non-profit, Amadi Guess organization, to add a snack/meal program that brought in over $1,000,000/year in food services to the youth in Arlington. During his time there, the organization had a 10% increase in average daily attendance of Club members, as well as a significant increase of members attending three or more times a week. While in Arlington, Andrew also served as a Kiwanis Member, and served on the United Way Speakers Bureau. 

        Andrew then served as CEO for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Corpus Christi, Texas from 2014 through most of 2016. While in Corpus Christi, he was also a faculty member at the University of Texas A&M Corpus Christi for the 2014-2015 school year. He taught Criminal Justice in the Juvenile Justice System. Andrew also served as Kiwanis Member, attended Rotary Club, and served on the United Way Speakers Bureau. 

        Andrew, his wife, and their 3 dogs relocated to Northern Indiana as in the Fall of 2016, when he became the Executive Vice President as part of his career development and a succession plan for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Elkhart County. As Executive Vice President, Andrew had direct leadership responsibilities in the areas of program operations, resource development, grant management, marketing, finance, board development, leadership development, and strategic planning. Andrew also had direct oversight of the grand re-opening of the new Goshen Club, and the grand opening of the first full size Club in Elkhart, IN at Beardsley Elementary. Andrew says, “I was inspired by the people he worked with in Elkhart County. The board members throughout Elkhart County were very dynamic, and their passion to be part of the Boys & Girls Club organization was great to witness.”

        In the winter of 2018, the opportunity of becoming the new CEO for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Marshall County became a possibility.  Andrew and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Marshall County Board of Directors decided to make this a reality in January 2019. Andrew has attended many leadership conferences throughout his 19 years with the Boys & Girls Clubs. He has graduated from two advanced leadership level courses to continue his learning and education. Andrew has served on several committees throughout the Boys & Girls Club movement, he graduated as a National Trainer in 2006, and he is a member of the Professional Association for Boys & Girls Clubs of America and in local Indiana. 

        As the new Chief Executive Officer of Boys & Girls Clubs of Marshall County, Andrew is anxious to work with the board on strategic planning to enhance the impact Boys & Girls Clubs have in the communities of Marshall County.  Andrew says, “The board members true passion to serve the Boys & Girls Clubs of Marshall County is very exciting.” Like the board members of Marshall County, Andrew understands the need for youth services, and how important these services are in helping shape our youth to achieve and maintain success. Andrew looks forward to a great 2019 and is excited to be a part of the Marshall County TEAM.