COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


Important Summer Program Update:

Due to COVID-19 opening requirements and the demand for supplies to stay safe and within the guidelines, our organization has chosen July 6th as our opening date for summer. This is still contingent on any changes that may occur with COVID-19 and any new guidelines between now and July 6th. We will release more information very soon and we plan to have summer enrollment begin June 8th. As soon as membership applications are available, we will post them on our website, on our Facebook page, and make them available for pickup and/or email as requested.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, we are excited to have the kids back at the Club.

Ways you can help during the COVID-19 Pandemic...

  How can you help during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

· Donations can be made through our website at

· Donations can be mailed to 314 E Jefferson St., Plymouth, IN 46563.

· Donations can be dropped in the mailbox on the corner of the building.

· In Kind Donations: Please email to coordinate.

On Site:

How can you help during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

If Doors are Locked, you can leave donations in the mailboxon the corner of the building.

If too large for the mailbox, please call 574-936-0660 ext. 203or email to coordinate.

Thank you for supporting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Marshall County!

Virtual Programming from Club Program Director dated March 27, 2020


I hope this email finds you well. All of us at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Marshall County hope everyone is staying safe and sound during this unprecedented time in our lives. The staff from the Plymouth Club want you, our families, to know that we miss each and every one of you! In the attached letter you will find an update on the Club from our CEO, Andrew Fitzpatrick. Part of the letter introduces a new style of Club Life for our members; Virtual Programming!

Even though we can't physically be with our members we still want to be able to make an impact in their lives. With that comes our Virtual Club. Virtual programming is new to us and we are testing the waters starting next week on Monday March 30th. Our plan to bring Club Life to our members at home is simple and can be achieved in two ways (one or both):

  1. LIKE our Facebook page (Boys & Girls Clubs of Marshall County-Plymouth Unit: then look on the left hand side of the page for the Groups tab-request to join our parent/guardian (and members!) only Virtual Club Facebook group. 

                       a.  We will post weekly schedules, have fun and interactive contest, have prerecorded video of   

                             our staff demonstrating some fun activities, and much more!

                       b. This group will only be for our members, which means mostly our parents and guardians will 

                             be linked to it. No one outside of our membership will have access to what the staff upload 

                             and what you or our members might upload to the group page. 

                       c. To top if off, the group will also be a way for our members and families to interact with one 

                            another while keeping social distancing a priority. 

              2. (this is a site designed and run by Boys & Girls Clubs of America, it is strictly for local 

                    clubs to use as a tool to offer programs to kids on a virtual platform)

                       a.  I have already set up usernames and passwords for all of our members. Please contact me for 

                             your child's username and password. 

                       b. This is a fun site, there are countless activities and programs that members can work on. They 

                            can also upload their own self created activities for other Boys & Girls Club members to do. 

                       c. The kids also earn stars and badges when they finish different activities, which I can see and 

                            track on my end to offer fun prizes to those who accomplish the various programs.
We are so excited to offer our Virtual Club to all of you. Please if you have any questions don't hesitate to email me! Programming is vital right now, we need to keep morale up, and we need to keep our members involved, learning, and growing. Please help us, like our Facebook page and join our group to aid us in the fight to keep the fun going!!! 
Thank you! Miss you all
Joanna Flora
Club Program Director 

Parent Resource Letter During COVID-19 from CEO dated March 27, 2020

 Parent Resource Letter During COVID-19

Dear Parent(s),

During this unprecedented health crisis, our nation is facing more challenges than ever before, and we understand the implications these have on your family. Boys & Girls Clubs of Marshall County has been and will continue to work with our partners, local school districts, health care providers, government officials and other organizations to determine how we can best serve our members, your family, now and in the coming weeks.

Because the safety of young people, our staff and volunteers is always our top priority, Boys & Girls Clubs of Marshall County will remain CLOSED until further notice. We are following the schools schedule for closing dates at this time and we will continue to update you with new information as it becomes available.

In the meantime, this provides some helpful information for families as we all do our part to support one another through this very difficult time.

Health Resources:

We care about our Club families, so please continue to follow CDC and local health recommendations  ( to prevent possible exposure or spread of COVID-19 please continue to follow both CDC and local health recommendations. Our local Hotline number to assist you is, 574-335-8560, or you can call the United Way Resource Number – 211. These are free resources.

Educational Resources:

Our staff is working on creative ways to enhance digital learning and there are numerous ways to keep Club members virtually engaged. Please friend us on Facebook by searching Facebook for Boys & Girls Clubs of Marshall County Plymouth Unit, or Boys & Girls Clubs of Marshall County Bremen Unit. You should also be hearing from our staff via phone or email, if they have your correct information in our registration system from you most recent application. Staff will be giving you support and instructions regarding our Virtual Programming opportunities.

Here are several additional online resources to support your child’s learning during this time.

              · Scholastic Learn at Home 

              · Reading Adventure Packs by Reading Rockets 

               · 150+ Enrichment Activities While Parents and Caregivers Work Remotely 

                · No Supplies Needed Simple Activities 

As you are aware, changes are happening daily, if not hourly, and we are doing our best to be prepared for the unknown, as we keep our mission to serve those who need us most, as priority. Please check for updates on our website: and/or Facebook as mentioned above.

We know that we will get through this together and encourage everyone to be kind and compassionate to one another during this season of uncertainty. Please know we are committed to doing what we can for each of you.


Andrew Fitzpatrick

CEO/Boys & Girls Clubs of Marshall County

Important Notice Regarding COVID-19 dated March 21, 2020

 April 10, 2020 Update: 

  A quick update on our employee affected by COVID-19: Our employee is now at home and recuperating. They are still quarantined at home until the final test results come back negative. We have been in communications with them on a regular basis and they seem to be getting back to normal, but it has been a tough process. We wish them continued improvement through this trying time. We hope ALL our families continue to stay safe and healthy.

March 21, 2020 Update:

Last night, I was notified that one of our  employees of the Bremen Boys & Girls Club has been diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus. As such, there is the potential for exposure to our students and staff members in Bremen. If there is a positive aspect of this situation, it rests in the fact that, due to scheduled travel, this person was only in our building once on Monday, March 9th. The CDC indicates that the incubation period is generally between 2-14 days making Monday, March 23rd the end of the typical 2-week incubation period. Bremen Boys & Girls Club employees have also been off work and/or working remotely since during this school closing time due to COVID-19. This will remain the decision regarding our employees until further notice. 

Regarding our Plymouth Club - there has been no contact between our Plymouth and Bremen employees. All precautions have been put in place for our Plymouth Club and employees. The Plymouth Club is currently closed to the public until further notice. 

Most importantly, we have been in contact with the Marshall County Health Department. The Health Department has the names and contact information of the people who may have been exposed to our employee that tested positive for COVID-19. The Health Department is working diligently to contact these people to conduct their investigation and ensure COVID-19 protocol is being followed. 

If you believe you or your child have been exposed, please understand the following information:

Symptoms of COVID-19 are:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breath

The CDC states that sore throat, sneezing, and stuffy nose are most often signs of a cold.

If believe that you, or your child may be experiencing these symptoms please do the following:

Stay at home except if it is determined that medical care is required. The Corona Virus (COVID-19) hotline number is 574 335-8560 and is an excellent free resource that can quickly review your symptoms and recommend the appropriate next steps, which may include medical attention and possible testing.

Please remain calm and take the appropriate steps to keep yourselves and others healthy. Also, please keep those who are ill in your thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and take care of one another.


Andrew Fitzpatrick/CEO

COVID - 19 Update Dated March 13, 2020


Edit: Due to area school cancellations the Club will be closed as well. We will keep everyone up to date on the status of Spring Break and anytime after that. Deep cleaning will be done during this time to ensure all areas are clean and ready to go when the kids return.

COVID-19 Awareness dated March 12, 2020


Dear Parents/Guardians:

In light of the recent federal announcement that COVID-19 (Corona Virus) is now a global pandemic, we will follow our standard protocol. If AREA schools close then the Club will close as well. We will promptly make an official announcement here on our Facebook page if that decision is made. If you know someone who does not already like or follow our Facebook page (Boys & Girls Clubs of Marshall County-Plymouth Unit) please share this with them. Thank you for your understanding in regards to the safety of our children during this time.

(Note: AREA schools will include schools IN and AROUND Plymouth. We have many children from all around Marshall County and even outside of the county)

Sincerely, Boys & Girls Clubs of Marshall County Management Team

national after school professionals week - april 20th - 24th


We are highlighting our staff members. Please see their stories below:

My name is Joanna Flora and I am the Club Program Director for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Marshall County-Plymouth Unit. I have worked for the Club for sixteen years in many different capacities. Plymouth is my hometown and where I graduated from. In 2012 I graduated from Ball State University.  I was brought to the Club as a kid. My brother was a member, so I decided to join. After that the Club became my home away from home. It is where I felt comfortable and accepted.  My favorite memories usually consist of times where I can sit and just hang out with the staff and kids at the Club. Where we just sit and talk and pal around with one another.  I have learned during the COVID-19 Pandemic that we take for granted the time we have together. Being apart from everyone has been difficult but we are finding ways to see others and communicate.  What I miss most is seeing the kids every day - saying hi to them, signing them in, listening to their stories of the day. 

I am Tricia Wordleman the Administrative Assistant at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Marshall County – Bremen Unit.  I am also a wife. Being able to be on the same school schedule for my kid is what brought me to the Club. There are so many favorite memories to list, but knowing we make a difference in these kids’ life daily is probably the best thing about this job. I am still learning things daily from this COVID-19 Pandemic! What I miss the most during this time is the kids and working with the staff in person!

Hey guys my name is Aidan Rivera and I’m a Junior Staff here at the Boys and Girls Club of Marshall County. I’m a 17-year-old senior attending Plymouth High School. Something that brought into working at the Boys and Girls Club was the environment. You are working with kids that could be great and you have to lead them to that pathway. Maybe one of them could figure out a way to find a cure for COVID-19. I've learned that I need to stay busy. I can’t just sit around and do nothing all day and scroll through my phone. While away at work and the kids, something I miss the most is the energy there. Hopefully I’ll see you all soon enough!

I am Kelci Slos.  I’m a sophomore at Bremen High School, after this summer I plan on continuing my education at Bremen and also continuing to work at BGCMCO.  I have always known about the Club, and I heard a lot of good things about it and decided to join in on the fun. My favorite memory from club is when we had Beacon come in and do fun activities and a fun obstacle race with all the kids and saw how much fun all the kids had. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, I have learned to not take the time we have with others and the privilege we have for granted.  I miss seeing all of the kids and staff, and hearing about how the kid’s day went. I also miss planning and doing fun activities with the kids. 

My name is Susan Holland and I attended Plymouth High School and graduated in 1976. After high school graduation I attended Purdue University, Purdue North Central, I.U.S.B, and Ancilla. I received an Associates of Science in 1980. After many years of working in the Retail Field I decided to try substitute teaching. I have worked for Plymouth Community Schools for over 27 years. I have enjoyed working with students of all ages in helping them grow and learn and achieve their goals. 

Twenty-five years ago, I heard about a new youth organization that was going to be opening their doors, and I decided to check it out and learn more about the Organization called the Boys & Girls Club of Marshall County. Having a background in 4-H and being a 10 year member I felt that this might be something thing that I would enjoy doing and needless to say, after twenty five years I am still working the position that I was hired for by JoAnn and Leonard Isban. I have a great passion for working with our youth in school as well as out of school such as our Club setting.

My favorite memory of the Club is when some of our old club members come back to visit us, and they remember the things that you did for them. Most of them will say, “Do you remember when you taught me how to knit?” The lasting impressions provide me with the greatest memories! 

We as staff have recently been working at home and planning for summer due to COVID 19. This pandemic is like nothing I have ever experienced in my lifetime. It has closed our schools and our Clubs, and the uncertainty of our lives is forever changing each and every day. We have learned a new norm which is social distancing and how important it is in flattening the curve. This new way of life is very hard for me. I realize that in order to stay healthy and not get sick that it is important to stay at home and follow the guidelines provided for us. I worry about my friends, club members and staff members every day. I can’t wait for the day to come when we will be able to move on with a somewhat normal lifestyle. 

I have come to realize that I miss things that are really important to me like the everyday routines that we no longer have. I miss the loudness and the craziness at the Club when you walk through that door into the Game Room. I miss getting those hugs and high fives! Most of all I miss you and can’t wait to see you all very soon! I hope everyone remembers to stay safe.

I am Jennifer Santillan I go to Bremen Senior High School. There are many reasons that brought me to the Club, I love interacting with kids and I heard many amazing things about the Club that I wanted to be a part of it. My favorite memory from Club was the Beacon Health competition because it was a day full of laughter and smiles. I've learned that life can be surprising and change in a matter of seconds so we should always be ready for change. What I miss most from being at the club at this time for sure has to be the kids and our everyday adventures.

I am LeaAnna Miller and I am a recent college grad with a degree in Elementary and Exceptional Needs Education. I am looking forward to teaching next school year! I’ve always loved working with kids, so initially they are what brought me to the Club. My favorite memory is of my first Teen Night as Teen Coordinator. We set up a tournament style event where the kids had all kinds of different challenges to complete. We had so much fun and made lots of great memories! During this pandemic, I’ve really learned how big of an impact my kids have on my day. As much as they may drive me nuts, I really miss my teens. They kept me motivated, they challenged me, and I love them so much!

Hello! My name is Annie Heiter, and I am a Youth Development Professional at Boys & Girls Club of Marshall County - Bremen Unit. I will be a sophomore at Indiana University South Bend this upcoming fall studying primary education. I have worked at Club for many years now because I was looking for a job my sophomore year of high school, and I have loved every second of my time with these kids. My favorite memory from club would have to be doing art activities with all the kids. This pandemic has made me learn and realize that you should never take anything for granted, especially the kids that I got to see every day. I miss seeing all of the kids at Club, hearing about their day, and making me laugh while they tell me silly things.

I am Bill Deering and I’ve been the Athletic Director for over 19 years.  I plan to keep working at the club for as long as I can. I am a former athlete and I worked a lot of camps with kids, which I really enjoyed.  I saw the athletic director position and I thought it would be fun, so I applied and got the job. My favorite memory of the club is winning our first track meet.  Every summer, our club participates in a track meet.  Many of our club members had never run in a track meet and were very reluctant to join.  Seeing the excitement of the children when we won was something I will never forget. Through the Covid-19 pandemic I’ve learned that nothing is a given.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed and it’s very important to be safe and healthy. The thing I miss most about the club is seeing all of the smiling faces of our club kids.  Their energy and enthusiasm are contagious

I am Citlali Jacobo. I am currently a freshman at Ivy Tech and will be continuing my education there this summer and the next semester. I was looking for a job and I had seen that Club was hiring so I applied and being a past BGC kid I was excited to come back! My favorite memory from club is when we have events such as competitions, the kids enjoy that a lot and I love seeing them have fun! What I’ve learned through the COVID-19 Pandemic is that it’s been hard not interacting with others, I’m one who enjoys face to face conversations as well as just being surrounded by others so having to stay at home has been tough! After this quarantine is over, I know I will appreciate my time with others so much more than before! What I miss most about Club are the kids, they brought their smiles and laughter as well as stories. They bring so much joy into our lives and I can’t wait to get back to enjoy those moments! 

My name is Nicole Sniadecki and I am the Education Coordinator at the Marshall County Plymouth Unit. I am a long-time resident of Plymouth, having earned my high school diploma from PHS in 2001. I happened to come upon this position by chance in May of 2018. A friend of mine took a tour of the building and discovered that there was a need for an Education Coordinator, so I applied, and was offered the position. My favorite memory at the Club was when we took our members to a South Bend Cubs game last summer. The kids had a great time and were so well behaved! Despite it being incredibly hot, it was a really good day! One thing I've learned during this COVID-19 Pandemic is that it is important to focus on the positive side of things, and to be grateful for what I have. What I miss the most about being at the club is playing games with the members. I miss just hanging out, having friendly competition, as well as getting to greet the parents as they drop off/pick up their member. I am ready to get back in the building and see everyone's happy faces again!

My name is Kristen Williams and I am a Youth Development Professional at Boys & Girls Clubs of Marshall County - Bremen Unit. I am a wife and soon to be mother to a baby girl this July. I have been with Bremen club for 2 years now. I was working at Bremen Elementary school during the day and decided to see what club was about after school. I’ve always loved working with kids and being in the school setting. I plan to finish my Education degree in the next few years and become a teacher. My favorite memory would be doing fun learning activities with the kids during groups. During this pandemic I have learned to always cherish every moment we have with loved ones. What I miss most is seeing the staff and kids every day and hearing about how their days went. I have enjoyed the last two years at Boys & Girls Club but am looking forward to spending my time off with my daughter and husband.

My name is Sam Huffman and I work at Boys and Girls Club of Marshall County - Bremen Unit. I am currently a Senior at Bremen Senior High School. This fall I will be attending Manchester University to major in Elementary Education and also play football.  I originally started working at club just as a summer job to earn some money for a car, but the job became so much more than that. I have absolutely loved my time at BGC. I have been at the Bremen Unit for almost two years and have acquired numerous memories that I will always cherish. The best memories always come from the hysterical conversations I have with the kids. During this pandemic, I have been reminded to cherish the things you love. Enjoy every second of life and live it to the fullest. I miss everything about club during these times. I miss the smiles and laughs of the kids, helping with math homework, playing games, and having a great time with the other lovely staff members! I truly cannot wait until I can see all the kids again!

 I’m Shawna York. I am currently finishing up my senior year at Bremen High School. I plan to become a full-time student at Indiana University South Bend to study music and special education. 

 I like to think that I didn’t find the club but that the club found me. Tami Slaven is the woman who contacted me about the position. She was very enthusiastic and said it was a perfect fit for me. I took her advice and decided to apply. Turns out she was more than right about it being a perfect fit. 

 My favorite memory of club has got to be my first day. When I got there, the kids all came up to me and asked so many questions. Are you my new teacher? What’s your name? How old are you? etc. But later in the day, the kids started to warm up to me. When we were in the game room, I got to play Just Dance with some of the kids. It was definitely a time to remember. 

 Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve learned that I personally take so much for granted on an everyday basis. From dreading having to go to school, to wishing I could just go home and relax. I never would’ve thought that one day I wouldn’t be allowed to go to school or to work at the club. When this pandemic ends, I will be looking at the world in a different light and living every day like it is a gift. 

 Overall, I’m excited to eventually see the kids from club and get to help guide them to greatness. I miss being able to make an impact in their everyday lives. I am hopefully that when we start everything back up, the kids will be even more enthusiastic about being at club than they’ve ever been before.

My name is Tami Slaven and I am the Unit Director for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Marshall County – Bremen Unit. I have been with the Boys & Girls Clubs since 1999, but the BGCMCO – Bremen Unit since 2013. I attended Bethel College where I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree. I have always had a desire to work with children so when given the opportunity to work here, I took it. I enjoy helping all the children and staff become their best self in all they do. I have learned that one cannot take anything for granted, especially when you can never expect a global pandemic as we have been experiencing with COVID-19. I miss seeing all the kids and hearing them laugh and play. 

Hi, I am  Chase Holzwart ! I am currently 23 years old and live in South Bend, Indiana. I am a two-year college student. I went to Arizona State my freshman year of college and transferred to IUPUI in Indy for my sophomore year of college. This is my first year working at the Boys & Girls Club. I have been the Cadet Coordinator since August now, and I absolutely love it! Since I recently got my own apartment in South Bend, I am not sure what after summer will bring me. Hopefully, I can find a job where I work with kids full time, or another waitressing job in the area. The kids are why I am here at the Club! My favorite memory is when Santa came to visit! To see my cadets light up when they saw Santa was bittersweet. Sometimes it is the little things that mean the most. I have learned through this COVID-19 Pandemic to never take things for granted. Appreciate the life you have and the people that surround you. This experience has given me the opportunity to accept myself and love unconditionally. I definitely my cadets and the rest of the staff the most during this time! 

We do not have story for Andrew Jacobs at this time, but are excited to have him as a team members as well. 

We are thankful to have all these individuals as members of our staff here at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Marshall County!


25th Anniversary of Boys & Girls Clubs of Marshall County

Celebrating 25 Years of Serving the Youth of Marshall County!

Thanks to the vision of Leonard and Joanne Isban, we are excited to celebrate 25 years of inspiring and empowering all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.  we look forward to serving the youth of Marshall County for many years to come. 

Measles information


BGCMC Parents

You may have heard about the measles outbreak happening in the US over the past few months, most recent being a case reported in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since the disease is spread quickly and easily, we are bringing awareness to our Club families to ensure the safety of our staff and members. 

Quick Facts About Measles

· Measles is highly contagious

· Early measles symptoms look like flu symptoms 

· Measles can lead to severe complications

· There is no treatment for measles 

· The measles vaccine is highly effective

Marshall County Health Department

The Marshall County Health Department is available to answer questions at (574) 935-8565. They will help anyone who needs assistance with health-related issues. You can also find more information on the Health Department page on the county website using the following address:

 We thank you for your cooperation in helping us maintain a safe and secure facility for your children!